I'm Lorna

I’ve played keyboard, directed worship bands and led people in worship for over 25 years at conferences, events (like Fresh Wind; The Cry Canada, Tehillah Toronto etc)  and churches around the world. I directed the Durham House of Prayer for over 12 years, helping singers and musicians learn how to play and sing prophetically.


Learn Prophetic Worship


One of my passions is to teach Harp and Bowl - helping people to express their prayers and the Word of God musically. Revelation 5:8 speaks of the 24 elders coming before the throne with their harps and golden bowls (music and prayers). When these two things are combined, you'll find you can soar much higher in your personal devotional times and prayer meetings. And it helps to develop you as a prophetic singer because you have learned to fill yourself with the word of God musically. I'm available whether you're a beginner or you just want to learn how to flow better. I really believe God is looking for an army of people who desire to lift up their voices to the King and I'd like nothing better than to help you release your sound. If this interests you, click the button below and send me an email, telling me a bit more about yourself. Space is limited!

Prophetic Worship