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It's Never Too Late to Learn

You've always wanted to play piano and learn some of your favourite songs. You may even have taken lessons when you were younger. Or maybe you're a beginner and learning piano seems like a big mountain to climb. This is a new day and I'm here to tell you that it's easier than you think.  It's never too late for you to learn and you'll confidently be playing the songs you enjoy before you know it.  Every student learns differently at their own pace - so why not choose a music coach who will help you learn at your own pace with a plan that is customized to what you would love to learn! 


Lorna, Your Music Coach

I’ve  been playing piano for over 40 years (a long time) and I've had the privilege of singing, recording and traveling around the world as a music leader. I had a few piano teachers when I was younger, but I was never completely happy with what or how I was learning (yes, my first piano teacher rapped my knuckles with a ruler). I just wanted to learn to play my favourite songs and now I help piano students age 6 - 80 learn to do the same. I truly believe Everyone IS musical and I'm here to help you discover that you are!  Your piano learning will be creative, fun and enjoyable. It's in you!!! 


Testimonies from Students

I love how patient Lorna is with me and helps me to not be hard on myself. I like how thorough she is in helping me to complete songs and express myself. I always wanted to learn how to read the notes and now I can not only read that but chords and sounds and I can feel what I’m playing as well. Lorna has helped me to express myself. She also makes it fun and jams with me. Taking lessons has helped me to feel more focused in myself and that I can still learn at my age. I don’t want to miss any of my lessons.


I am totally pleased with the increased understanding of music I have acquired from Lorna's excellent teaching skills. She took great care in adapting her input to my current goals in learning piano. It is quite satisfying to have Lorna open my eyes to the first levels of playing the piano. I always wanted to be able to accompany other musicians and singers with simple chord applications. I am developing a deeper appreciation of her in-depth abilities as an accomplished musician.


Lorna is an amazing teacher who creatively keeps the kids engaged. She learns what motivates them and does a great job tailoring lessons to their different personalities. I love that while they are learning the mechanics of piano, they are also learning the love of music. Hearty boisterous laughs are in full supply! My kids don’t want to miss a lesson!


Learn How to Work Your Way Around the Piano

~Learn the basics of the piano
~Learn to play chords easily
~Understand and read lead sheets and chord charts
~Learn how to play what you hear
~Learn to create your own music
~Play (and yes even sing) some of your favourite songs (you get to choose)

~Tools to help build new confidence in playing

~a personal music coach who creates a personalized plan for you

 +and much more


Learn from Anywhere in the World

Learn one on one from the comfort and convenience of your own home from anywhere in the world with online Zoom lessons. All you need is a piano/keyboard, an internet connection, a device (computer, tablet or phone) and something to hold your device (I have recommendations). Click the button below to sign up. 


Prefer In Person Lessons?

I also teach from my studio in the Durham Region. Drop me a line to see if I have any timeslots available or if you have any questions about lessons and pricing.

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